Residents of Joseph, Oregon, have been following news of the Plague for weeks. Infections have spread wildly in nearby cities, and with the high rates of antibiotic resistance, the death toll is also skyrocketing. When the quarantine order comes to the small town, Kay, a government official, travels there with her daughter Jack to ensure the townspeople are all quarantined safely. However, the Plague spreads rapidly and violently, causing Kay to be caught in the quarantined hospital without her daughter. She must try to escape from an unfamiliar building in an unknown town to find her daughter, lost in the Oregon woods, all while throwing off the trail of other government officials who have a particular interest in her daughter’s apparent immunity to the Plague. What Kay doesn’t know is that the government already has the cure for the Plague – through her journey she may discover this and save humanity, or she may become victim to the Plague herself.            

Kay’s story starts in the atrium of the Mountain Medical Hospital, where she is approached by the head doctor. He informs her that she must stay within the confines of the hospital for now because the Plague has spread to the town and everyone must stay quarantined until it is contained. He also points out a few people of interest around the atrium, notably the four people standing in front of the four doors that lead to the wings of the hospital. Kay, knowing that going through one of the wings is her only way out to find her daughter, is determined to figure out how to get through the doors.

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