It's a new year - what does that mean for Homing?

Hello! If you're new here, you likely bought Homing in the Shorter Games with Worse Graphics Bundle or you've just stumbled across it and want to try it out. I'm glad you've decided to give my little queer pigeon game a try!

I wanted to post this update to let everyone know that I'm not done with Homing. I made this game for my thesis in March 2020 and I've since been on a bit of a game-making hiatus due to the general state of the world and trying to work enough jobs to pay rent, but I'm committed to making Homing into something more. I want to build out the world and the relationship between Sarah and Nina more, and I'm hoping to find a way to get a programmer and 3D artist on board so I don't have to do all those things myself. I know what Homing can be if I have the time, energy, and money to dedicate to it, and I really hope I can realize that dream.

In the meantime, sit tight - if you already own Homing, you'll of course have access to the updated and expanded version when it's released. And if you don't own it yet, well, it's worth adding to your library for access to the future expanded version!

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